This is policy of Gillespie and Company LLP for collecting, using information gathered through our website  If you use our website, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information as described in this policy.  If we update this policy, the changes will be posted at this link.

We collect personal information from 3 sources: (1) directly from the user when the information is inputted into our website by the user; (2) from our web server logs; and, (3) from cookies.  More detail about our collection practices is listed immediately below.

(1)  Information is collected directly from the user after the user inputs the information into our website to ask us for information or help.  The information will be used to create a record of the inquiry and to help us respond to the inquiry.  If you do not wish us to retain this type of information, please let us know using the email address at the bottom of this policy.

(2)  Information from web server logs is used to help us understand what parts of our website are being accessed, the length of time spent by users on each part of our website and general information about the computers used to access our website and the geographic location of the computer.  Information from Web server logs is anonymous unless the user provides the user’s name and other personal information to ask us for information or help.  If you do not wish us to retain this type of information, please let us know using the email address at the bottom of this policy.

(3)  Cookies are defined in Wikipedia at . Cookies give us the unique serial number of your computer (called your IP address).  Collected cookies are used to help users navigate through our website. Cookies identify where visitors go in our website and identify a user’s apparent preferences so the user can skip re-entering the information about the preferences each time the user visits our website.

The use of cookies is common. Most Internet browsers are accept cookies by default.  The collection of cookies can be disabled if you do not want us to collect cookies from your visit to our website.  The process for disabling the collection of cookies differs with each Internet browser.  Methods for disabling cookies for 7 different Internet browsers are provided at

Information from cookies is used by us to provide the user with somewhat customized (customized for relevance and helpfulness) information and services during their visit to our website in the hopes of improving the usefulness of our website to the visitor; (2) to diagnose problems with our server and/or website; and, (3) collect anonymized demographic information about visitors and users of our website.

We do not share the personal information collected in our website except (1) with our IT Support contractor and, if necessary, an IT security service to ensure the proper operation of our computers and the website (2) if we believe the sharing is required by law or a court, (3) to enforce any user agreements or the terms of service for using our website, (4) to protect our rights and property (5) to protect the personal safety of the people at our firm, its clients, or others, or (6) provide a product or service when requested by the user.  We will share anonymized information with our marketing consultant to help us manage and execute our marketing strategies from time to time.

Links to other sites are in this website.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content on the sites accessed through the links.  We do not examine the sites for viruses, sensitive or inappropriate content or for the security practices and privacy practices of the hosts of those sites.  If you use a link on this website, you do so at your own risk.

We use contemporary security practices and virus protection to guard against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. However we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information transmitted to us through the website or by using an email address listed in this website and we cannot guarantee that there are no computer viruses hiding in this website.

Questions about this privacy statement, our website and your use of it can be sent to the attention of our managing partner at or by mail to the address posted on our contact page in this website.